06.25.131:30 PM ET

Filibuster Set Against Abortion Bill

With most of Texas’s clinics poised to close, Dems prepare to protest.

Despite being far outnumbered in the Texas legislature, the state’s Democrats are close to killing a highly restrictive abortion bill that has brought hundreds of protesters to the state capitol. Senate Bill 5 would ban abortion after 20 weeks and establish onerous new regulations that would close down most of the state’s clinics. But as the Texas Tribune reported, Democrats, using delaying tactics and parliamentary rules “argued into the wee hours in the state House on Monday morning and then stuck together to keep the GOP from jamming Senate Bill 5 through the Senate in the afternoon and evening.” They’re preparing for a final filibuster today, the last day of a special legislative session called by Gov. Rick Perry. The prospect of failure is already leading to recriminations among Republicans. “If you don’t have a plan, sometimes you don’t achieve what you’d like to achieve,” said Houston Republican Dan Patrick, a potential candidate for lieutenant governor. “We appear to be flying a little bit by the seat of our pants.”