06.27.132:15 PM ET

Adoption’s Racial Divide

“Black babies cost less to adopt.”

Parents who can’t conceive know that adopting a little bundle of joy will cost more than, well, a little bundle. But just how much is the difference between adopting a white baby than a black baby? Quite a bit, NPR discovered. Through its Six-Word Essays and the Race Card Project, NPR received one submission: “Black babies cost less to adopt.” For one mother-to-be, the cost to adopt a Caucasian child was approximately $35,000 plus some legal expenses, whereas the cost for an African-American girl was about $18,000 and a biracial child was between $24,000 and $26,000. Her experiences mirror other adoption agencies’ fee scales, according to the research. “People who work in adoption say there’s one more reason, quite simply: It’s supply and demand,” NPR host Michele Norris says.