06.27.133:00 PM ET

Davis for Governor?

The Texas Democrat weighs a 2014 run.

Wendy Davis, the Texas senator and newly minted feminist superstar, has suggested that she might run for governor in 2014. For some Democrats that’s a thrilling prospect, but veteran Texas political journalist Wayne Slater suggests that she doesn’t have much of a chance. State Democrats know they have little shot in the next election, he writes, and instead are looking toward 2018 or 2020, “hoping that the booming Hispanic population yields gains.” Meanwhile, Slater writes, while the fallout from the GOP’s failure to pass its omnibus abortion bill will hurt Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, his most significant challenges come from the right. He’s facing two conservative opponents in next year’s primary, both of whom hit him for not forcing the abortion bill through. One sent out an online appeal blasting his inability to quell “a rude, unruly mob,” saying he “needs to either dismount or be thrown from the saddle.” If Democrats gain anything from this fight, it’s likely to be at the national level. “The war on women thing hurt Romney, hurt the party,” a Republican consultant tells Slater. “But I don’t think it’s hurt us much in Texas.”