06.28.1310:53 AM ET

Court to Hear Abortion Drugs Case?

Supreme Court decision hinges on Oklahoma law restricting abortion pills.

The Supreme Court has indicated that it might hear a case on medical abortion, which could affect how abortion-inducing drugs are regulated and prescribed. At issue is a voided 2011 Oklahoma law mandating that abortion pills be administered precisely as the FDA specified when it approved the drugs in 2000. Studies have since determined that one of the two drugs used in a medical abortion is effective at one third the previously recommended dose, and that it is safe to take the second drug at home instead of in a doctor’s office. An Oklahoma court struck down the law, saying that it “can serve no purpose other than to prevent women from obtaining abortions.” The state appealed to the Supreme Court, which has now asked for clarification about the scope of the law. “Depending on the answers, the Supreme Court could decide to drop the case ... or it could intervene in a contentious new battleground of the abortion wars,” The New York Times reports.