Friendly Paw

07.01.131:38 PM ET

Aimee Copeland Gets Service Dog

Georgia woman suffered from flesh-eating disease.

Aimee Copeland, the Georgia woman who made headlines last year when she suffered from a rare form of a flesh-eating disease, will be getting some assistance from a man’s best friend—a dog, that is. A one-year-old Labradoodle named Belle will be helping Copeland, who lost her hands, her forearms, a foot, and her leg to the disease, cope with her life. “Now with Belle in my life, it’s just going to be easier," Copeland said. “She can retrieve. I’m so excited, and having a companion around makes such a difference.” Belle was trained by PSD Academy & Registry, a nonprofit academy that helps to train dogs out of Florida. Never heard of a Labradoodle service dog before? You’re not alone: it’s a rare breed for a service dog, but Copeland suffers from allergies to many of the more common service-dog breeds.