07.01.135:00 PM ET

The Perfect Man…

Isn’t perfect yet.

Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes teamed up to find what makes the perfect man—and what makes him imperfect. The results show women have pretty high standards—as we should—as well as a lot of pressure to create perfect men. Three quarters of Americans think women have significant control over how well their sons turn out. On the flip side, 9 percent of women said if they could change one thing about their man, it would be his mother. A big part of the poll was how successful men are and when that can be judged. Twenty-three percent of people think a man’s success should be judged on his deathbed, while another 23 percent said it should be judged at the age of 40 (get to work, boys!). The most significant (and surprising?) finding was that 63 percent of people think chivalry is still alive; however, we still wish pick-up lines were dead.