07.02.1312:56 PM ET

Abortion Restrictions Hit 5 States

Will it be more difficult to get an abortion in yours?

This week, abortion restrictions in five states—Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, and South Dakota—go into effect. So what exactly does that mean? Among other things, in Alabama, women who live far away from a clinic will no longer be able to get the abortion pill via videoconference, and minors seeking abortions will be asked for the name and age of the man who impregnated them, according to ABC News. Both Mississippi and Indiana also have new restrictions on prescribing the abortion pill long-distance, and Indiana now requires women seeking abortions to undergo ultrasounds. In Kansas, doctors must warn women that abortion will put them at greater risk of breast cancer, despite a report from the National Cancer Institute that refuted the claim. Kansas’s new law also protects doctors from lawsuits if they withhold information from a woman about her pregnancy that would lead her to get an abortion. Finally, South Dakota now requires a waiting period of three business days, meaning a woman might have to wait as long as six days if she has a consultation before a holiday weekend.