07.02.133:30 PM ET

Dior Ditches Dunn's Boobs

The model tweeted about Paris Fashion Week.

Model Jourdan Dunn is a 5'10'' model with long legs, supple skin, and a to-die-for body, but not up to designer Christian Dior's standards, apparently. The model was dropped from Dior's runway at Paris Fashion Week, allegedly because her breasts were too big—though Dunn says she measures a mere 32A. Dunn brushed it off though, since she tweeted "normally told I'm cancelled because I'm 'coloured' so being cancelled because off my boobs is a minor : )". Dunn models for Burberry and YSL, but her breasts, even in a world of Kate Uptons and Pamela Andersons, are too big for the Dior runway. According to Cosmopolitan, Dunn is also the mother of a 3-year-old and hosts a cooking show on Jay-Z's YouTube channel.