07.03.1312:02 PM ET

Abortion Restrictions Added to Anti-Sharia Bill

Last-minute move tacked on without public notice.

In a surprise move on Tuesday night, North Carolina’s Senate added anti-abortion provisions to a proposed anti-Sharia law, creating what may be the ultimate right-wing omnibus bill. In addition to ensuring that foreign law won’t be used in American courts, the newly named “Family, Faith, and Freedom Protection Act of 2013” includes a series of regulations that would restrict the use of medical abortion—about half the abortions in the North Carolina—and force many surgical abortion clinics to shut down. Anti-abortion lobbyists apparently knew about the bill in advance and were thus at the committee meeting when it passed, but pro-choice groups weren’t told it was being debated. As the News-Observer points out, the bill puts Republican Gov. Pat McCrory in a difficult spot, because during his campaign, he said he wouldn’t sign laws to further limit abortion access in the state.