07.03.132:47 PM ET

Parents of Bullied Girls Denounce Facebook

New policy removes ads from controversial pages, not actual content.

The parents of Rehtaeh Parsons and Amanda Todd, two teenagers who committed suicide after being bullied online, teamed up with the Red Hood Project to take down the new Facebook ad policy, which removes ads from pages with “controversial” content—but Facebook will not remove the actual content. The Parsons and Todd families have expressed their anger, arguing that this does not provide any sort of solution to the inappropriate images, especially pages mocking their daughters. Amanda’s mother, Carol Todd, said, “It is time to establish a policy of zero tolerance of images that depict rape, sexual exploitation, gore, and exploitation of the disabled. It is time that our loved ones can be remembered as they should be—with dignity and respect.” The Red Hood Project has promised to continue to pressure Facebook until the company makes changes to its policies. Red Hood promotes more restrictions online in order to children from predators or bullying.