07.04.134:45 AM ET

Women More Focused on Financial Goals

Than ever before.

Women’s financial priorities are shifting along with the economy. The “Women, Power and Money” study suggests that Generation Y-ers, the first “global generation” of buyers, have similar views on what they want to purchase because of shared experiences with technology, social media, and emerging brands. FleishmanHillard, Hearst Magazines, and Ipsos MediaCT helmed the study, which measured differences between the Gen Y (21–34), Gen X (35–49), and Baby Boomers (50–69) age groups. In the five countries surveyed, women appeared to be moving priorities from themselves to long-term goals concerning families and businesses. In addition, 70 percent of Gen Y women who took the survey describe themselves as smart, compared with only 54 percent of Gen Y men—which tended to be less among older women surveyed.