07.05.136:50 PM ET

Quotes Roundup: Turmoil in Tahrir

This week was a testy one. Women’s rights concerning rape and abortion dominated the headlines. While here in America, we celebrated our own Independence Day, women in Egypt staged their own revolutionary battle against the widespread sexual assaults in Tahrir Square.

It took social media to save lives in Egypt. As the country was swept up by the huge protests in Tahrir Square that eventually forced the overthrow of President Mohammed Morsi, sexual violence seemed to run rampant. The organizations Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment (@OpAntiSH) and Tahrir Bodyguard (@tahrirbodyguard) mobilized volunteers via Twitter. They spread the news about areas where rapes were occurring, set up hotlines, and even asked members to spam people’s phone numbers when they tried to clog those hotlines. So far, @OpAntiSH reported of 180 known sexual assaults during the protests, according to Daily News Egypt, with more than 44 on June 30 alone.

Suzanne Buckley, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, is pretty upset at North Carolina legislators. On the heels of the fight against abortion legislation that made Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis a superstar among abortion supporters, North Carolina added its own abortion restrictions to a state bill. Just like Texas, it could shut down many abortion clinics. The kicker? It’s part of a proposed anti-Sharia law.

Michelle Obama met with former first lady Laura Bush in Tanzania for the Bush Institute’s African First Ladies Summit. They, along with many ladies in power from around the continent, discussed how to improve Africa, empower young girls to change the world—and #FirstLadyProblems.

Oh, Ava Gardner, you saucy minx. A new book, Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations, was released this week, and shows just how wonderfully foulmouthed and honest the actress was. Her co-author, Peter Evans, died before the book was officially finished. But apparently, it doesn’t really matter—it still offers her candid views on sex with husband Mickey Rooney, how racist Howard Hughes was, and when she first smoked pot with Robert Mitchum.