07.09.131:58 PM ET

Crowdsourcing Girls’ Equality

Catapult founder Maz Kessler touts her fundraising startup.

Only 6 percent of funding for charity organizations goes to girls’ and women’s causes—so Maz Kessler is doing something about it. After working in the tech sector for 10 years, Kessler founded the tech/philanthropy startup Catapult, which helps raise money and awareness for women around the world. It recently partnered with Chime for Change and organized a concert in London, raising millions for close to 100 organizations. The best part: Catapult is barely eight months old. Since then the organization has been on the front lines for philanthropy, working with other companies to close the gap in funding for women’s rights. Kessler says that she sees Catapult as a “huge fundraising machine” for equality and social justice around the world.