07.10.136:00 AM ET

Men Debate Women’s Participation in Bocce

While women dominate at the courts. Sorry, guys.

Watch out, New Yorkers! There has been a dispute in Brooklyn over whether to admit women onto the bocce courts—apparently 2013 has been confused with 1913. For those who don't know what bocce is, it is similar to the game of British lawn bowling and the French game of pétanque, was played by the ancient Romans, and has a following wherever Italian migrants are settled. The courts are dominated by the elderly set, with most players past age 60. The men of the bocce courts have been up in arms about allowing women onto the courts. According to Maria Manzola, the wife of a club founder and a longtime member, when she showed up to play ball, "the big boys walked off the court, gave her the silent treatment, and offered no explanation."