07.10.135:00 PM ET

TV’s Sexual Targets

Teen girls bear brunt of exploitation, according to study.

Teenage female characters on broadcast network shows are sexually exploited on television, one advocacy group found. According to a study of 238 sitcom dramas airing over four weeks in 2011 and 2012, one third of the episodes had content that sexually exploited females. The study, released by the Parents Television Council on Tuesday, found that scenes with exploitation most likely happened when a teen girl was involved—as opposed to adult women, who were 10 percentage points (43 percent versus 33 percent) less likely to be the butt of a sexually exploitive joke. The guilty shows range from wholesome Glee, in a scene where teens play strip poker, to the not-so-politically-correct Family Guy, where the Griffins’ daughter, Meg, always seems to be the brunt of sexual jokes and misconduct.