07.11.134:45 PM ET

Pushing for the Pakistani Female Jirga

Pakistan’s decision makers are accused of unequal representation.

When women are murdered, grief-stricken, or starving in poverty, it seems to be common practice for Pakistani officials to refuse to listen to them. Jan Bano had her 16-year-old daughter taken from her in a horrific attack, where acid was dumped on the girl and she was left to die after days of agony. The police did nothing about the attack, and now the women say they are “fed up with male-only jirgas.” Jirgas are a sort of government entity that makes decisions on issues in the area. Women in Saidu Sharif have set up their own 25-member female-only jirga, hoping to find justice for these women. So far, it's helped 11 get justice, a representative says.