07.12.1312:20 PM ET

N.C., Ill., Ireland Pass Abortion Legislation

All were hotly debated.

A flurry of abortion legislation passed last night in the U.S. and Ireland. Illinois voted to require some level of parental notification at least 48 hours before a girl has an abortion, bringing back a 1995 measure. According to the Associated Press, “the law goes into effect in 35 days unless it’s appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.” The North Carolina House voted for a bill requiring surgical-center standards for abortion clinics, and doctors to be present for an entire surgical abortion and for a first dose of a chemically induced abortion. Because it was inserted into a motorcycle safety bill, opponents took to Twitter with the hashtag #vaginamotorcycles. And after a round-the-clock debate in Ireland’s Parliament, lawmakers voted to legalize abortion “in exceptional cases where doctors deem the woman's life at risk from her pregnancy.” It’s the first step away from a ban for the predominately Catholic country.