07.15.132:00 PM ET

Mexican Pill Option for Texas Abortion

State's strict new law may send women over the border.

As the abortion options dwindle in Texas, will women head across the border to Mexico, where there is a pill available to induce a miscarriage? It's also covertly available at some flea markets in Texas. Clinic Nuevo Progreso is one of the places in Mexico that sells the drug, and it sits just yards over the border. The drug, misoprostol, can be used to treat gastric ulcers and can cost as little as $35 for a generic box of 28 pills or $175 for the brand version. "The women see it as a 'pill to make my abortion come,'" Andrea Ferrigno, a vice president of Whole Woman’s Health, told The New York Times. "Often in their minds, it's not abortion. But the drug still remains beyond the law—meaning that unmonitored use can be dangerous.