07.16.133:07 PM ET

Timberlake Never Heard of Take Back the Night

Organization won’t sue him, but it’s still awkward.

Here’s where a stint at a college where there is a local chapter of Take Back the Night might have helped Justin Timberlake. You see, Timberlake’s latest single, “Take Back the Night,” features some racy lyrics about getting it on—and the chorus literally features the lyrics “Tonight’s the night / Come on, surrender.” Oh, Justin. The Take Back the Night Foundation, an organization started in 1973 dedicated to ending sexual violence, quickly sent a release letter to Timberlake, since most people ask their permission before using the phrase. If he didn’t comply, the organization could sue. The singer said Tuesday he had never heard of the organization until after the single dropped last week, and he said now that he knows about the group, he hopes the “coincidence will bring more awareness to the cause.” Katherine Koestner, the foundation’s executive director, told BuzzFeed on Tuesday they wouldn’t pursue legal action but that it is “shocking” that Timberlake hadn’t heard of them.