07.18.135:48 PM ET

Could an Ex-Stripper Be President?

Men with scandals are making comebacks, so why is a woman tainted forever?

If men with sex scandals in their past can run for higher office, why are women who have worked in the sex industry forever barred? That’s the question posed to Tracy Quan, a former sex worker turned columnist for The Daily Beast, who says that while there is “not a brand on your forehead that’s with you forever,” it is time to decriminalize sex workers—which is half the battle toward improving the public’s attitude. But there is still a double standard for women—any woman who has taken her clothes off in public, whether as a stripper or a lingerie model, is likely to face ridicule when running for office. Look at Ashley Judd, who was considering running for office in Kentucky when a topless image from Marie Claire was made into a poster with the tagline “Ashley Judd makes a living taking her top off. Why can’t coal miners?”