07.18.1312:39 PM ET

Goth Barbie Sales Soar

Gives plain Barbie run for her money by celebrating “freaky flaws.”

There’s a new “It Girl” in the toy industry and she’s letting her freak flag fly: Mattel’s Monster High—nicknamed “Goth Barbies”—are now the No. 2 doll in the world, nipping at the high heels of the blond original in sales. Those who market the Monster High dolls, which come with webisodes, say they embody acceptance, diversity, and relatability. “The message about the brand is really to celebrate your own freaky flaws, especially as bullying has become such a hot topic,” said marketing exec Cathy Cline. The dolls were also created to fit in with cultural trends perpetuated by the likes of Lady Gaga, who loves all her “little monsters” for being different, as well as the rise of goth fashion with the success of the Twilight franchise. Naturally, the dolls’ characters are multifaceted. Draculaura, for example, is a vegan who can’t stand the thought of blood or meat. But let’s be honest: Just like Barbie, Draculaura and her rail-thin Monster High friends could benefit from eating a burger.