07.18.133:46 PM ET

Iranian Women Test 'Fashion Police'

In an interim between the former president and president-elect.

The Islamic Guidance Patrols are looking for Iranians who may be inclined to violate dress codes as a result of hot temperatures. During a pause between presidents (former President Ahmadinejad exits the position August 3), the patrols have been scarce–and women seem to be taking advantage of their absence. In the heat of summer, some are allowing their necks to remain visible or wearing lightweight, glitzy cloaks. One woman said the president-elect, Hassan Rohani, has “come across as more understanding.” A Scottish-educated lawyer and cleric, he counted on the women’s vote and talked about creating jobs for them. Though these women are taking the chance to wear what they’d like, they’re ready for a crackdown, Bloomberg reports.