07.18.136:00 PM ET

Sex in the Special Ops

Women may serve as distraction in forces, some say.

Women could be shut out of Special Operations forces like the Army Rangers and Navy SEALS—because of sex. According to NBC News, officials have been tiptoeing around the issue, but many share a similar sentiment of disapproval. “It can shift the focus of doing the job if everybody’s trying to get laid. I know it sounds incredibly juvenile, but it’s incredibly true,” said Jack Murphy, a former Airborne Ranger and Special Forces sergeant in Iraq and Afghanistan. But Colleen Farrell, a captain in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves who served in Afghanistan during 2010 and 2011, disagrees. “Those Special Operations soldiers and Marines who are over there, they are there for the mission. They’re not in Afghanistan to get married,” she said. Brandon Webb, a former Navy SEAL, thinks women could be extremely valuable in these specialized roles. “Let’s shake off this conventional BS thinking of ‘men only.’ We need the element of surprise—putting women in these crazy roles to combat the enemy,” he said.