07.18.133:33 PM ET

Women to Shun Razors for Month

Armpits4August, "feminist Movember," raising awareness about polycystic ovary syndrome.

One group is encouraging women to raise their arms—even if they’re unshaven and hairy. For women suffering with polycystic ovary syndrome, one symptom is hirsutism, or hair in unwanted places. This summer, hundreds to thousands of women are prepared to throw out their razors for one whole month to raise awareness of  PCOS. Think of it as a feminist version of “Movember,” according to The Guardian. “Armpits4August is a collective of hirsute, polycystic and body-hair-positive women who are tired of the pressure to pluck and preen to perfection, and are setting the challenge to simply stop one practice on one area, for one month,” according to The Guardian. One woman with PCOS, Amy De Luca, hasn’t been swimming or sunbathing since she was 12: “Puberty and PCOS triggered hair growth all over my chest and back and, 10 years on, I don’t look or feel any better. I would love to no longer feel the need for constant de-fuzzing, but I am terrified of what others will think of me so I shave anyway.”