07.19.133:27 PM ET

Where’s the Poo?

After rumors of protesters trying to sneak excrement into the Texas state capitol, evidence is lacking.

It was certainly a tense scene as Texas voted on abortion last week, but perhaps not as tense as Republicans would have us believe. It was reported that security officers had to stop pro-choicers from entering the state capitol with tampons, maxi pads, and jars of feces, presumably with the intent to throw them at the legislators and disrupt the vote. However, when reporters looked into the matter, no officers could confirm the presence of the jars, and there was no documentation of offenders. The Texas Department of Public Safety responded with a statement that the offending items were not confiscated but discarded, and said, “The names of the visitors with suspicious jars or other items were not documented as no crime had been committed.” Still, without proof, as Democratic State Rep. Donna Howard said, “it doesn’t pass the smell test.”