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07.20.134:52 PM ET

Barbie Sales Fall 12 Percent

Due to Monster High and American Girl lines.

Is Barbie finally losing her place at the top of the doll pantheon? Sales of the toy were down 12 percent last quarter, continuing a trend that has been going on for some time. And it looks like part of the reason is Mattel's more, well, relatable toys. Part of Barbie's downfall can be attributed to her customers' increasing attraction to American Girl and Monster High dolls. Unlike Barbie -- whose proportions and flawless makeup no one can hope to achieve -- these other lines focus on their characters' flaws and relatability. It's not perfect: although American Girl dolls look like, well, girls, the Monster High line features characters with reliably tiny frames. But if we're looking for healthy body image to edge out Barbie-like aspirations, it's a start.