07.21.132:50 PM ET

Analysis Finds Lack Of Female Sources In 'New York Times'

Men quoted 3 times as often.

Women make up more than half of the population in the United States, but they only account for about 19 percent of the sources quoted on the front page of The New York Times. A study conducted by two students at the University of Nevada found that of the 2,411 sources quoted in January and February 2013, only 465 of them were female. That means that in the 352 front page stories from that time period, men were quoted 3.4 times as much as women. Phil Corbett, the Times's associate managing editor for standards, said he was disappointed to see that the gap was so large but didn't think that it meant the paper should insitute diversity quotas in stories. “This situation illustrates the importance of pushing for a more diverse newsroom — in gender, race and ethnicity, background, religion and other factors — which remains a priority for us,” he added.