CNN: Good Job Having a Boy, Kate

“This is how brilliant a royal Kate is.”

Dear CNN, this is Prince William and Kate Middleton, not Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Acting like the jerk at the gender reveal party (you know who we’re talking about, there’s always one), CNN correspondent Victoria Arbiter congratulated the Duchess of Cambridge for giving birth to a boy instead of a girl the first time around. You know, like royals are supposed to—oh, right, except that this is 2013, Queen Elizabeth has ruled for 60 years, and the country has changed its succession laws so a girl would have had just as much credence as a boy. “That’s how brilliant a royal Kate is,” Arbiter said. “There are women throughout British royal family history who have panicked at not being able to deliver a boy and here we are. Kate did it—the first time.” Jane Seymour must be proud, but modern women? Probably not so impressed.

Video screenshot