07.22.134:00 PM ET

Slaughter: Time for a Men’s Movement

One year after controversial Atlantic article, she insists the real point was for equality.

Anne-Marie Slaughter isn’t backing down. The former State Department official who penned an article last year titled “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” says now is the time for a men’s movement to really bring on equality between the sexes. Slaughter’s cover story was the most-read in the magazine’s history—it was shared 220,000 times on Facebook—a phenomenon that Slaughter says she never saw coming. “I became the poster child, certainly in the media, for ‘women can’t have it all,’ when my whole life stands for the opposite proposition,” Slaughter tells The Guardian. The article, Slaughter insists, was focused on the struggle to find a balance between career and family—not a statement that feminism had somehow failed. Slaughter says it’s not just women who need to give to maintain a work-life balance, but rather corporations and men do, too. Yes, men. She called for a “men’s movement,” citing statistics that 60 percent of men are not happy with the work-life balance either. “You know, women are hypocrites this way, because we would go crazy if they treated us in the workforce the way they treat us at home—if a guy in the workforce assumed he was more competent than you are, and told you what to do—but that’s the way most women treat men in the household.”