07.22.132:15 PM ET

WSJ Survey: Yellen Frontrunner for Fed Chair

Would be the first woman in the position.

The glass ceiling could be cracking over at the Fed—if economists are any good at predicting, that is. According to a survey of economists by The Wall Street Journal, Janet Yellen is likely to be named the next chairman of the Fed when Ben Bernanke’s term ends in January. Out of 42 economists who answered the question, 35 said Yellen, the Fed’s vice chair, is likely to be President Obama’s nominee to replace Bernanke. Yellen beat out other heavyweights such as Obama’s top economic adviser Lawrence Summers, New York Fed chairman William Dudley, and former Bank of Israel governor Stanley Fischer. “Yellen is highly qualified and has little baggage,” said one economist, Nicholas Perna.