07.23.134:45 PM ET

A New Page for Feminism

Books try to appeal to younger generation.

The F word—no, not that one—has long struggled to become something not shushed in conversation. Sexy Feminism: A Girl’s Guide to Love, Success, and Style was released in March by writers Jennifer Keishin Armstrong and Health Wood Rudolph after the success of their blog Sexy Feminism attempts to make feminism “cool, attractive, and simple.” But this isn’t the first time writers and publishers have tried to transform the way young women think of feminism. In the 1970s books such as Girls Can be Anything and The Cat Ate My Gymsuit took feminist issues and confronted them in a talkative manner. But new books still have a long way to go until they finally show younger readers that feminism has become rebranded, according to Jordan Larson in The Atlantic.