07.23.133:45 PM ET

Ex-Sex Worker: Why Are Men Forgiven?

Look at Spitzer and Weiner (before new revelations, that is).

As Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner vie for New York City’s top elected positions, where is Ashley Dupré, the woman made famous for being the prostitute Spitzer frequented? It’s part of the double standard for female sex workers, writes former prostitute Melissa Pietro in New York’s The Cut. Pietro was fired from her job as a New York City public schoolteacher after she went public in 2010 in an op-ed that argued that not all sex workers are victims of trafficking or pimps. Three years later, Pietro is writing but struggling to pay the bills—unlike Spitzer, who has been, in many ways, forgiven. “Men have a way of coming back that I’ve always admired and aspired to replicate,” Pietro writes.