07.24.1311:24 AM ET

How to Strut in Stilettos

One N.Y.C. man teaches the proper way to walk in high heels.

He’s been branded as the “stiletto whisperer.” Victor Chu, a former shoe designer, helms a class called “How to Walk in High Heels in New York City.” The hourlong class, at $50 a head, promises to teach women the proper way to navigate the city’s unforgiving streets. It’s the first of its kind, Chu says. He starts his class by instructing women to walk barefoot, then goes on to stretches and strengthening exercises that include drawing the ABCs in the air with their feet. Even though he says he’s never walked in heels, the shoe expert advises women to stay away from sky-high stilettos. “Most women do not want to hear this, but anything above 3 inches is really, really dangerous,” Chu says.