07.25.134:45 AM ET

Conservatives Don’t Want Feminist Judicial Nominee

Nina Pillard is a top women’s-rights attorney.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg has said her career as a women’s activist would “probably disqualify” her for confirmation to the bench if she were nominated for the Supreme Court today—and that theory might be proven true sometime soon. Obama has now nominated women’s-rights attorney Georgetown Law Professor Nina Pillard, and conservatives, according to ThinkProgress, are concerned Pillard’s career path will alter the makeup and effectiveness of the justices. Both of the women, Ginsburg and Pillard, have similar backgrounds as leaders of civil procedure, their work for the ACLU, and their litigation work for women. In order to be confirmed, ThinkProgress believes Pillard has to prove she should not be disqualified because of her fight for equality. The Senate Judiciary Committee, which currently holds a Democratic majority, will decide on the confirmation.