Blaming the Victims?

Teach men not to rape, political analyst Zerlina Maxwell says.

Writer and political analyst Zerlina Maxwell schooled her fellow FOX News commentators on the basics of rape culture. During her appearance on Hannity, Maxwell argued that the conversation of rape prevention must escape the continual blaming of women for their own victimhood. Instead of arguing whether women should carry a gun to protect themselves, Maxwell suggested the more logical yet unnecessarily controversial idea of simply teaching men not to rape. Maxwell says, “I don’t, honestly, want you to tell me that I needed a gun in order to prevent my rape. In my case, don’t tell me if I’d only had a gun, I wouldn’t have been raped. Don’t put it on me to prevent the rape.” Her remarks point to the systematic nature of victim blaming that continuously steers the conversation away from men’s responsibilities and toward women’s mistakes. After a social-media frenzy following her FOX News appearance, Maxwell followed up her comments with a piece on five ways we can teach men not to rape.

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