07.27.131:58 PM ET

Lindy Boggs Dies at 97

Former Rep. was the first woman from Louisiana to serve in the House.

Lindy Boggs, the former Louisiana congresswoman and a staunch supporter of civil and women’s rights, died on Saturday in her home at the age of 97. Boggs filled her husband Hale Bogg’s seat in 1973 after he died in a plane crash, then went on to serve nine terms. Before his death, as a congressional wife, Lindy Boggs supported civil rights legislation, Head Start, and antipoverty programs. Lindy Boggs, was raised on Southern plantation, and said her southern charm was instrumental to her effectiveness as a legislator. Without Boggs, “sex” and “marital status” would not have been included as classes prohibited from discrimination by the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974; before its passage, most women couldn’t even get a credit card in their own names. “You played the Washington game with confidence and authority and graciousness,” she wrote in her 1994 memoir, summing up her success in politics.