07.29.135:15 PM ET

Kicked Out of the Boys’ Club?

Women sued Merrill Lynch for gender discrimination.

When three women started a lawsuit back in 2010 against Merrill Lynch, they probably didn’t anticipate that they’d lose. So they’re suing again. They had plenty of information against the company, including one woman claiming that she was told to “stick to her knitting” rather than try to land a potential client. The women were also given copies of Seducing the Boys Club, a book that recommends that women flatter men as a way to get to the top. But they claimed they were fired for their gender, which was nearly impossible to prove during a period of downsizing in January 2009. The solution? Simple, according to Claire Suddath at Bloomberg Businessweek: “Stop groping people you work with. Pay everyone fairly. And don’t give anyone an advice book that instructs them to tell coworkers, ‘I don’t know why I’m so crazy about you when you act like such a prick.’”