07.30.134:30 PM ET

Rosie the Riveter Factory in Trouble

Needs $3.5M to save it from demolition.

It was about 70 years ago that the woman known as Rosie the Riveter starred in a government film about the war effort at home. Even though the real-life Rosie is subject to some debate, CBS News says that Rose Will Monroe, who worked in the Willow Run Bomber Plant, went on to become a symbol of empowerment for women across America. Her motto, “We Can Do It!,” has rung in the ears of women across the U.S. for decades. But now, all of what she stands for is set to be torn down unless a group can raise the money by Thursday to transform part of the factory into an expansion for the Yankee Air Museum. Similar to many manufacturing plants in the bankrupt Detroit area, the factory has stood abandoned since 2010, when General Motors fell into bankruptcy. As said by Michigan Aerospace Foundation President Dennis Norton: “There’s no further use for it. It’s too big. It’s too old to be used in modern-day manufacturing.”