07.30.135:17 PM ET

Talking to the Trolls

Men on radio show defend rape, murder threats.

Pegged to the news that women’s rights campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez was barraged with rape and murder threats after successfully getting Jane Austen on British pound notes, Telegraph writer Emma Barnett invited Internet trolls to speak on her radio show. She didn’t have to wait too long for the man-trolls to call in. Peter from Whitechapel, England, was the first, swiftly coming through with offensive commentary, such as “she was asking for it.” But he was tame in comparison to Gary from Birmingham: “Men are predators and this [rape threats] is what we do.” When asked about whether he would have the same opinion if his mum were receiving 50 rape threats per hour, he said: “She would know these men wouldn't actually come and rape her. They don’t mean it. Rape is a metaphor.”