07.31.135:20 PM ET

Times of India Pulls ‘Offensive’ Article on Women

“Facts” include “women can spend a whole day before a mirror.”

Twitter was a-flutter after The Times of India, which is the largest English daily in the world, Tweeted out a link to an article titled “Weird, Funny Facts About Women” by writer Biben Laikhuram. These so-called facts include “Women don’t bathe every day,” “Women eat a hell of a lot,” “Women can spend a whole day before the mirror,” and women feel “awkward” when they don’t have anything in their hands. One Twitter user called it the “stupidest thing I have ever read.” The story, which turned out to be plagiarized, has since been removed, with The Times of India saying that many people found it “offensive.” However, many of Laikhuram’s articles are still available for viewing pleasure. Some of the cream of the crop include “7 interesting facts about women’s breasts,” “5 things that scare women about sex,” “6 ways to get a stronger erection,” and “5 sex positions women die to have.” Even though Buzzfeed's headline states Laikhuram is a man, it's in fact unclear if the writer is male or female.