07.31.133:04 PM ET

Words of Wisdom From Female Leaders

At the Women in the World Next Generation Leadership Academy.

The young women who attended the Women in the World Next Generation Leadership Academy at Barnard College in New York City on Monday had a lot to take away from the conference. They received helpful lessons from several notable women, including NYC Police Chief Joanne Jaffe, Barnard President Deborah Spar, and our own Newsweek/The Daily Beast editor in chief Tina Brown. Even people who didn’t attend can still be uplifted by reading some of their quotes:

“... I realized that these people that I met in my life, whether it’s Silvio Berlusconi or another prime minister, whoever they are, they’re equal to me. So I’m not intimidated. Nobody should be.” —Author and journalist Rula Jebreal

“It’s not about hairy armpits and hating men. It’s about making each other feel less crazy and getting together to do something about it.” —Shelby Knox, director, women’s-rights organizing, Change.org

“Have confidence, go out there and do the job.” —NYC Police Deputy Chief Theresa Shortell