08.02.134:54 PM ET

Company Aims to Break India Taboo

Will address menstruation by teaching women about sanitary pads and increasing production.

Periods are keeping women in India out of work—and out of school—leading to a life of poverty. Six women could be changing that. The Indian women work to make biodegradable sanitary napkins. The machines were purchased from a company called Jayashree Industries and the women work hard with compressors and cotton to provide for the women of India. Their mother-in-laws told them selling pads was “as good as selling shit” and husbands refused to be part of the funding. The women, in the beginning, had never seen a sanitary napkin or used them, but now their production of Mother Care Sanitary Napkins has a whole line of different products after starting with less than $100 in raw material. The group now generates a solid profit, and has sent shipments to Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Singapore.