08.05.131:51 PM ET

Third Burned Body Found in Detroit

Could be a serial attacker.

A third burned woman was found Saturday in Detroit, leading authorities to worry that a serial attack is on the loose. The latest victim is the first known fatality. Her body was found after firefighters extinguished the flames inside an apartment in the city’s west side. The fire chief said the woman’s body was indistinguishable, but a neighbor said she knew the woman who lived in the apartment. It’s the third body found since July 26, when police found a 37-year-old woman who had been physically assaulted and burned. She was in critical condition, but now is in stable condition. A second woman, likely in her 20s or 30s, was found burned the following day. Police believe she was also likely physically and sexually assaulted. She was in critical condition after the attack, but her current condition is unknown.