08.07.1312:59 PM ET

British Judge: Girl, 13, Is Sexually ‘Predatory’

Forty-one-year-old man who had sex with her walks free.

A British judge called a 13-year-old girl a “sexual predator” while freeing the 41-year-old man who had sex with her—causing an outcry from feminists that led to the prosecutor in the case being suspended. Neil Wilson was given an eight-month suspended sentence after admitting to having sex with the young girl. Judge Nigel Peters said that the girl looked and behaved “a little bit older” and that had to be taken into account. “The girl was predatory and was egging you on,” Peters said. “There is no defense when dealing with children, but I am prepared to impose a suspension.” The prosecutor, Robert Colover, told the court “that girl is predatory in all her actions and she is sexually experienced.” The Crown Prosecution Service called Colover’s comments “inappropriate” and Colover has been suspended pending review of the case.