08.07.133:58 PM ET

Redditor Confesses Rape on Site, Gets Turned In

Said he told story to cleanse, but now his life could be ruined.

A Redditor posted on the site last month a lengthy confession: while in high school, he and a friend had raped three girls, ages 13 to 14. Now 19, the poster said he had turned his life around, although the post was titled “I should be in prison.” The poster, Pilot94, describes how the girls were actually virgins and got drunk—one so drunk that her stomach was pumped later—and had sex with him and his friend. A rape kit was performed and “the evidence against us was incredible,” but the boys were never charged after both the lead detective and the chief of police were fired. “Somehow I straightened my life up and actually graduated with honors from a Top 500 school,” the poster writes. Until now that is: a “White Knight” called Pilot94’s university and reported him and now he could be kicked out, which he says “will ruin my life.”