08.08.1311:58 AM ET

Macy’s Pushed Perry to Veto Equal Pay

New revelations show retailer, grocery stores lobbied against it.

Texans found out in June that if they want to sue for wage discrimination, they won’t be allowed to go through state court, thanks to a veto from Gov. Rick Perry. Apparently, he was pressured to veto H.B. 950, which mirrors the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, after receiving letters from the Texas Retailers Association, Macy’s, and five grocery stores, including Kroeger Food Stores. President and CEO of the Texas Retailers Ronnie Volkening said the bill was “unnecessary,” but advocates say the process is easier and less costly than having to go through federal court. Democratic Rep. Senfronia Thompson, who authored the bill, said she was caught completely off-guard by the opposing businesses—and that she is never shopping at Kroeger’s again. Still eyeing that presidential bid, Perry? This might not bode so well with half of your constituents.