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08.11.134:45 AM ET

Lady Reads

Two takes on adoption, plus good posture and more from this week on the women’s sites.

Adoptive Parents Fight 2nd-Class Caregiver Status” (Women’s eNews)

Being a new working mother, biological or otherwise, is hard. And while the Family and Medical Leave Act makes no distinction between biological and adoptive moms, many companies offer fewer benefits to the latter. Biological mothers tend to get more time off after giving birth and receive more money from the government in the form of short-term disability-insurance coverage. But things are looking up for adoptive moms: in the past years, paid-leave legislation passed in three states has treated all mothers equally, and groups like the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption have been successfully advocating for financial adoption benefits in the workplace.

Why Many Adoptive Parents, Experts Are Skeptical of Texas Adoption Video Proposal” (RH Realilty Check)

In further adoption news, parents and experts from across the political spectrum weigh in on Texas’s proposal to require women who seek abortions to attend a three-hour adoption class first. While one mother who gave up two children in adoption endorses the tactic, another woman who has adopted a child—and describes herself as “one of most pro-life people you’ll ever speak with”—disagrees. She says that for women who’ve already made up their minds, forcing them to attend such a class won’t change their decisions and is a bit cruel.

How to Get Better Posture” (Her Campus)

We all know that maintaining good posture is important, but it’s so easy to find yourself falling back into a slouch. Four experts offer tips to keep a straight spine in any situation: just remember to keep head, shoulders, and hips aligned and to move around often—and remember the way you sleep is just as important as the way you stand. Handy visuals for some of the yoga positions and stretches mentioned make it possible to stand up (straight) to bad posture once and for all.

How to Spot a Serial Dater” (Betty Confidential)

The online dating world is dotted with serial daters, people who prefer the “thrill of the chase” and have no interest in forming a committed relationship. Some signs that someone’s a serial dater? Sending vague messages, taking days to respond, and mixing up details about your life. These characters also tend to want to dive into face-to-face meetings and intimacy, but that’s only because they don’t plan on sticking around. So watch out—unless you’re into that sort of stuff.