08.14.136:47 PM ET

NYC Bar Employs All-Female Mixologists

It’s a first in industry dominated by men.

A soon-to-be-opening New York City bar is doing something unheard of: employing a team of women to dream up the menu. While women and cocktails have long been connected (does anyone remember Sex and the City?), Grace, which will hopefully open by the end of this month, is having women make the drink menu from scratch. “It seemed like a great way to get a group of women working together on a menu,” said Lynnette Marrero, one of the mixologists who took part. Owner Danny McDonald said he has been trying to show “the feminine side” of bars for years, but he noticed that men dominated the industry. So instead, he found “bold women” to make up his drink menu for an Irish bar named Grace, after the 16th-century pirate and chieftain.