Bob Filner Gets ‘Blurred Lines’ Parody

Kind of weird to call on him to resign in that particular song.

A Bob Filner parody of “Blurred Lines” sounds like it would be a good idea—the lyrics pretty much cater to him, no? Saying “I know you want it” seems to be in his wheelhouse. Instead, journalists from U-T TV (aka the webcast of the city’s largest newspaper) have created “Blurred Lines” parody with new lyrics such as “maybe it’s time you left, maybe you should resign, Mayor Filner”—with scantily clad women dancing around. So to sum up what appears to be the video’s message: Filner sexually harassed women and should resign, a message we are sending you with scantily dressed women to a parody of a song about a “good girl” who “wants it.” According to the Los Angeles Times, it gets creepier: one of the stars of the parody, Scott Kaplan, was fired from his sports radio job after calling a female sports analyst a “Sasquatch of a woman” among other things, and made a confidential settlement after calling a co-worker a “skank” on air. Lovely.

Video screenshot