08.15.133:49 PM ET

Envisioning a Child-Free Future

Author Marci Alboher gives her take on life without children.

After reading Lauren Sandler’s Time magazine cover story on “The Childfree Life,” author and journalist Marci Alboher (not pictured) felt a pang of regret—not about being childless, but about not writing about the issue that she’s contemplated for the majority of her adult life. Alboher thought she wanted kids when she was younger, but after a divorce and remarriage, it never came to fruition. Now Alboher says other childless women come to her for advice. She thinks she can be a role model for others—telling them all about the happiness and regrets that come along with a child-free life. Alboher says while Sandler’s Time piece was extremely thorough and interesting, she didn’t address certain issues, such as predictions for a society with an entire generation of women who never became mothers.